Empowering women to break free from strongholds that prevent a life of freedom, healing, wholeness, and identity.

Are You In Need Of  A Breakthrough?

Welcome to the online home of CYJ Enterprises! I’m glad you’re here! This is a time where we can get honest about the issues in life that are preventing you from experiencing a life of freedom, healing, wholeness, and identity.

There are emotional wounds that result from events in our lives such as rejection, abandonment, abuse, neglect, violence, insecurity, guilt, and manipulation. Such hurts reside in our memories and affect the way we think, the choices or decisions we make, the emotions we feel, and inner and outward reactions to other people and what they say, as well as both pleasant and painful events.

No matter your race, background, financial status, or religious beliefs, your life can be affected by unhealed emotional wounds. It’s time to break free from these strongholds! It’s time to experience a newness of life! You already have what it takes to win at life. What you lack is someone who is willing to help you look within to find it.  But look no further, allow Chaka Y Jackson to help you experience the life you deserve!

Chaka Y. Jackson is no stranger to inspiring, educating, and empowering women to show up more powerful, authentic, and confident. She is a Wife, Mother, Minister, Entrepreneur, Radio Personality, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, and of course, The Break Free Coach.

Growing up, Chaka faced many challenges that resulted in her wearing a fake smile hiding behind MANY masks. The sting of rejection, depression, feelings of unworthiness, shame, anger, and guilt, keep Chaka bound for many years. These issues plagued her adulthood causing: failed relationships, instability, isolation, and no sense of identity or purpose. She finally reached the point when she said: “Enough is Enough!!!!”

Chaka began to experience one of the greatest transformations of her life which enabled her to find the strength to let go of the past while gaining the courage to embrace a better future. She began to discover that her life truly mattered and that she was created on purpose for a purpose! Overcoming rejection, depression, and feelings of unworthiness, Chaka vowed to help others do the same.

Chaka is the CEO and Founder of CYJ Enterprises which provides coaching, consulting, and counseling for women. Obtaining an associate degree in theology and a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a main concentration in Christian counseling has allotted Chaka the ability to possess a distinct understanding of implementing strategies for personal and spiritual development.

Chaka’s motto, “Get Real in Order to Heal” is the foundation for which she empowers women to remove the masks that prevent them from having a life of freedom, healing, wholeness, and identity. Through the use of her Break Free Institute, radio broadcast, inner healing coaching, mentorship, Bible studies, and conferences, Chaka has kept her vow in helping others to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living a joyous, vibrant, whole, and purpose-driven life. She has indeed become a powerful vessel of restoration and transformation for many!

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Empowering women to break free from strongholds that prevent a life of freedom, healing, wholeness, and identity.



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